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The season’s best diamond bracelets

Mahabir Danwar Jewellers - fashionandflick

With refreshingly new styles this season, diamond bracelets will become the wrist candy that will ace every occasion from weddings to cocktails….

If there’s one piece of diamond jewellery that’s a must-have in every woman’s accessory wardrobe, it’s the classic diamond bracelet. Recognised as a line of diamonds forming a complete circle, this jewellery item is as versatile as it is timeless.

“A diamond bracelet personifies elegance and is a statement piece by itself,” says Mr. Sandeep Soni Director of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers. “It’s a delicate accessory that can be worn to a cocktail party as a statement jewellery to jazz up an outfit, making it look glam yet understated.”


Elegant sophistication is the mark of a fine diamond bracelet. Mahabir Danwar Jewellers, Park Street has launched their exquisite collection of diamond bracelets, ‘Khanak- The Diamond Bracelet Showcase‘. The collection features different styles of bracelets like-

  1. Unshape: Fancy shape bracelet – Featuring 4-5 different shaped diamonds like the pear shape and round diamonds, the multi shape diamond bracelets are a timeless and elegant choice that showcase the unique beauty of individual diamond cuts. Set in gold, this bracelet is a Classic MDJ design, hand-crafted in our workshop by our master artisans, ensuring the utmost care and craftsmanship is taken over every jewel.
  2. Rose Gold – Bracelets are a fine addition to any jewellery Their charm, elegance and simplicity make them ideal for highlighting natural beauty. For an extra touch of class, though, why not make rose gold the next bracelet in your jewellery box? Using the most popular colour of the era – Rose gold, MDJ has curated a collection of timeless bracelets that exudes class and glamour, which comes encrusted with diamonds
  3. Fusion – A gorgeous fusion of 3-4 Styles, shapes and colours of diamonds, this style represents a marvellous collection of special faceted diamonds meticulously cut and fused together. Studded with diamonds, the bracelets offer commendable craftsmanship and aesthetically attractive design.
  4. Overlaps – This style of diamond bracelets are in trend this year. In this setting, steps are created and the designs move around – mostly up and down or in The effect is spectacular and the bracelets sparkles from every angle.
  5. Spiral- Captivatingly contemporary, our mesmerising Spiral bracelets are expertly set with fancy shaped diamonds, in various sizes, illuminating every sculpted Set in gold, the radiant spiral of stones subtly scintillates from all angles as it whirls endlessly around the wrist. These are flexible, mostly like a watch, but with a push closure, it is extremely secure


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