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“TALAY” themed new “PANT SUIT COLLECTION” launched by GG by Asha Gautam


GG’s latest pant suit collection is inspired by TALAY (Ocean Goddesses & the Life under ocean) which motivates today’s women to be strong, fierce and independent by enhancing their attire, GG’s TALAY will serve the same for them.


Inspiration plays a crucial role in every designer’s new launch, here the hero is TALAY – GG’s inspiration which leads to tremendous, gorgeous and attractive attire for women.


The silhouette poses a shimmery & whimsical look as inspired by the untapped underwater life of the oceans.  Manufactured with raw silk with a bustier and paired belts and motifs, inspired with the delicate fish and underwater plants. The pantsuit with loose fittings and belts is designed with an inspiration by the sailors of the deep dark sea.

A gorgeous collection for formal and informal wear, ethnic wear too with a combination of a skin friendly fabric and fantastic look. Hope you all enjoyed the journey of the ocean with an attractive collection.

Available at : M-8 Greater Kailash -1, 2nd – 3rd floor, New Delhi, 110048