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Surprise your Valentine with an Exclusive Pendant Watch

Pendant Watch

India’s leading bespoke watchmaker, Jaipur Watch Company, has launched a unique Pendant Watch made from an actual postal stationery envelope featuring one and a half Anna postal stamp from British India. The watch makes a perfect gift for those looking at surprising their loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

A pendant watch is ideally suited to be worn around the neck in a necklace style. The watch makes a lovely, understated alternative to the traditional pocket watch, with a smaller, more demure design that is flattering while making an elegant impression.

The body of this neckwear is made of sterling silver with a Victorian style of design using enamel artwork. Enamelwork is a technique of decoration where metal objects or surfaces are given a vitreous glaze that is fused onto the surface by intense heat to create a brilliantly coloured decorative effect. It is an art form noted for its brilliant, glossy surface, which is hard and long-lasting.

Just for the record, necklaces watches were the original personal timepiece – arriving much before the pocket watches. The first such watch was invented in 1510. The watch was much smaller than any other timepiece and was compact enough to be worn.

The Pendant Watch is priced at INR 15,000 (chain is not included with the pendant) and is available exclusively at on