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Pamper your skin this summer with Skinella’s superfood-loaded


Summer is upon us with all its glory. We might wait for it to flaunt our cute dresses and relish our favourite seasonal fruits like mangoes and litchis. But with summer comes a lot of skin issues too. While dry skin gets patchier, oily skin gets even oilier. Pimples, acne, breakouts, and dullness are other skin problems that just won’t disappear on their own. However, some changes in your skincare regime can go a long way.


During the sticky summer months, one of the critical aspects of your skincare routine is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Splashing your face with water at least three to four times a day to keep it clean and moisturizing it with a water-based moisturizer is a must. Furthermore, instead of opting for thick creams, using weather-appropriate products and picking natural and lighter serums will let your skin breathe. SPF should be a staple, too, in your summer skincare regime. Therefore, a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 is recommended during summer.

This is where India’s most exciting skincare brand Skinella and its natural products come into the picture. Perfect for any skin type, the products are loaded with the goodness of superfoods. They contain amino acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that help build firm skin and promote skin metabolism, leading to a radiant glow that we all seek.


So, this summer, pamper your skin with the benefits of superfood from these Skinella products .

Green Papaya Tan Removal Peel Off Mask | Rs.225

Say goodbye to the tanned, dull skin with Skinella’s peel-off mask infused with the benefits of green papaya extracts. The mask will help you get rid of the clogged pores and dirt, and will also remove the excess oil from your skin while eliminating those deep blackheads.

With its high Vitamin C content, papain enzyme, and antioxidant properties, the green papaya mask leaves your skin nourished and smooth. So, sit back and let the peel-off mask do its job.

Feed your skin with pomegranate and tomato extracts with Skinella’s refreshing two-in-one cleanser-toner. Rich in Vitamin A and C, it gently cleans your skin and tightens the pores while reducing oil and improving skin elasticity.

It is a perfect start to your skincare routine, and you can use the product any time your skin feels dry. Just spray a small amount of this cleanser-toner while keeping the bottle at least seven to eight inches away from your face for instant hydration.

Skinella Orange & Lemon Vitamin C Day Cream – SPF 15 | Rs.350

The increasing inclination towards Vitamin C is a result of the growing popularity of natural skincare products. It is an excellent antioxidant nutrient that improves overall skin tone. Skinella’s day cream is not only laden with Vitamin C but also has the goodness of orange and lemon. SPF 15 infused with these superfoods is a power-packed combination that protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Use the cream daily in the morning on a clean face for nourished, hydrated, and deeply moisturized skin. Take an appropriate amount of cream on your fingers and gently massage it into your skin in a light circular motion while avoiding contact with the eyes. For best results, use Skinella’s Vitamin C face serum before applying the day cream.

Camu Camu Sunscreen SPF40 | Rs.350

Shield your skin from the UV rays in the scorching heat with Skinella’s Camu Camu sunscreen. This exotic fruit from the Amazon rain forests, when combined with SPF 40, acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps in keeping your skin healthy. The lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen gets absorbed quickly, giving a fresh glow to your skin.

Skinella Orange & Lemon Vitamin C Face Serum | Rs.475

Vitamin C is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the beauty world, and there are several reasons behind it. Not only is it a proven skin brightener but also helps in boosting collagen formation that protects the skin from damaging free radicals. This summer, give your skin a rejuvenating treat with Skinella’s Vitamin C face serum, made with orange and lemon extracts.

Apply two to three drops of the face serum twice a day on a clean face and gently massage in circular motions with your fingertips. Let your skin absorb it, and say hello to radiant and healthy skin.

Green Lime & Olive Gel Body Wash | Rs. 260

Stimulate your senses and give yourself a great bathing experience with this refreshing gel bodywash by Skinella. Rich in superfoods like green lime ,olive extracts and Vitamin C, this product pampers your skin and leaves it feeling fresh for a long time. The delicate fragrance and nourishing ingredients will make your s.
howering experience a delight.

Not only do Skinella’s products leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated, but they are also cruelty-free, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals. So, this summer, don’t fear the sun. Just ensure that you balance your outdoor time with a good skincare regime.