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Make your summer wedding stress free and fun with these easy tips


The scorching summer month June will see lot of weddings happening as there are plenty of auspicious dates. Being one of the peak season for weddings as well as vacations and business conferences, it requires a bit of more planning in terms of date, venue, service providers, etc.  If you are planning a summer wedding, there are a few tips by Wedding Curators Prateek & Aaradhana Kashyap of Made in Heaven, which can make your planning easier.

  • Flexible Wedding Dates : One should keep a couple of options for the wedding date to check the availability of all your near and dear ones as well as the availability of the preferred venue and vendors, keeping in mind the peak season, especially in the month of June has the highest number of auspicious dates for weddings.
  • Set a Budget : As rates are higher in summer season, especially in the hills, It’s advisable to set a budget. One of the best way is to allocate the budget for venue and vendor services separately. Also, its better to have an understanding with the venue that pricing confirmed will not differ as the season progresses. from the date of confirmation.
  • Wedding in the Hills : While the plains are too hot for a summer wedding, one can surely look at hills to plan the wedding there.  If opting for a destination wedding in hills, keep it small and simple as its easy to manage, one can have an elaborate wedding, spread over a week to really enjoy the occasion. Also, keeping the number small, you will be saving the precious natural resource, WATER, which is always in short supply in hills during the peak season.

For an outdoor wedding in the hills, always have a backup venue as it might rain. Having a backup venue in place will make it easier to shift just in case the weather plays a spoil sport. Also if your are planning an outdoor wedding or any function during the day, make sure you have plenty of shaded areas as even in hills, outside can get really hot during the day.  Also, it would be nice to keep a counter for sunglasses as lot of people forget to bring sunglasses and they keep squinting.  Keeping sunscreens and bug sprays is also advisable.


  • Wedding in the City or Outskirts : If planning it in the city, try to club the functions, keep them back to back for eg., Mehndi in the morning, followed by engagement and cocktails in the evening.  This way, you can avoid the traffic rush during the peak wedding season, also the heat. You can even book some rooms at the venue, or some nearby place for close relatives and relatives who are coming from abroad or other cities.
  • Wear Light : Taking cue from Ranbir-Aalia wedding, pastels are in as well for your D-day as well. Nevertheless, you can always opt for the colour red or any bright colour as they are considered auspicious. Whatever, the colour maybe, keep the ensemble light and don’t overload yourself with too much jewellery and make-up. You shouldn’t be seen sweating due to this, so keep it light
  • Décor : For décor, bright pastels is the way to go. Use flowy fabrics and fresh fragrant flowers to add a touch of coolness and freshness in the environment. Avoid heavy constructed structures, opt for lighter ones. For décor, you need to be realistic as some options will work, while some won’t. For example, the choice of flowers. In summers, flowers wither very fast so you should opt for flowers that last longer. Pairing it with a few heat resistant plants will work well. Some flowers you can use are tropical florals, anthuriums, orchids, palm greens and leafy greenery.
  • Food : During summers, people don’t like to eat very heavy and oily stuff. Especially in the urban conscious towns, people generally prefer lighter meals. Always, keep options like Mediterranean cuisines, grilled and roasted food, plenty of fresh fruits, juices and  salads, etc. Adding Paan is a good option, especially during summers as its good for digestion.
  • E-invites and Zoom parties : After Covid, E-invites and Zoom parties have become a norm in the weddings.   E-invites have taken over the personal invites as they are convenient, can be customised and are easier on pocket. While zoom parties are so much fun and adds to the celebratory mood and gets everybody ready for the wedding.