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Kids’ fashion trends to embrace this festive season


With the festive season already in full swing, people are doning the best attires to match up the festive zest. While adult fashion always takes the limelight, it is eventually permeating the kids’ section as well. Over the years, trends in kids’ wear are gradually becoming popular among parents who want to dress up their kids for the festival according to the trend in vogue.

Where there is no dearth of options with respect to traditional attire, and ethnic outfits for kids, the fashion experts are leaving no stone unturned in navigating new styles and continuously experimenting to come up with unique cloth lines like adorable Indo-Western range that bring about the confluence of modern designs with traditional textile forms.

Looking at the trend, the attire for kids this festive season will be a concoction of fashionable colors, gorgeous prints, and original patterns dynamically weaved together to create a lasting impression with timeless pieces that are high on quality, comfort as well as style. With festivities around the corner, let’s look at some of the trends in kids’ wear that are going to attract eyeballs this festive season.


Twinning in vogue

Though in trend for a couple of years now, twinning doesn’t get old with time. The enthusiasm to look alike still goes strong in 2022. The family, especially the mommies, pair up with an identical set of clothes to match their kids. It is a great idea to demonstrate a unique family style through magnificent thematic or festive sets of clothes. It is a cool way to boast similar patterns, designs, or prints to not just make the occasion memorable for the kid but also to stand apart from the crowd.

Bright Colors matching the festive fervor

To complement the bonhomie of the festive season, the kids’ wardrobes will be painted bright with vibrant and cheerful colors of the collection. The combination of pastel shades with radically bright color schemes will make for an impressive outfit to accentuate the style of kids in harmony with the festive celebration. The connoisseurs will readily experiment with bright shades of coral, blue, yellow, bright red, mint, black, grey, and green.

Comfortable Dresses will be the top priority 

Even in the excitement of festivity, the importance of comfort for their kids will be the top priority for parents. While selecting an attractive piece of dress, parents will be on the lookout to dress their kids gracefully which allows for easy movement. Natural, breathable, soft fabric will be highly in demand for ingeniously integrating interesting styles while not losing out on comfort. Environment-friendly material handcrafted in a pure soft fabric like cotton, Chanderi, etc. will be preferred unanimously by parents.

Asymmetrical Dresses

Asymmetrical-cut dresses have been there for a while. It can be considered to be a remarkable fashion trend for the festive season. The asymmetrical cuts add to the attractiveness of the dress where it emanates a stunning look with the amazing visual effects it creates. It has been seen that an asymmetrical outline gives the dress a unique appearance whereas asymmetry in colors brings out the charming contrast in a dress. Be it in any form of asymmetry either pleats, quilted things, ruffles, or cut-outs, it will only complement the look of the child.

With people already reveling in the festive mood, be ready to embrace your child with the stunning fashion trends this festive season which is there to stay not just for festivity, but suitable for all the celebratory occasions lined to come ahead.

The article has been written by Ms. Swati Saraf, President, Les Petits.