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Khaadi Natural Healthcare

Khaadi Natural Healthcare

There has been a visible change of perception towards natural cleansing and facial products such as soaps, shampoos, creams, and more. Understanding the need to avoid chemicals and keeping products we apply on our skins as chemical-free as possible, there has been a rise of brands in the cosmetics industry that manufacture natural creams and cleansers.  Recently they have launched aloe vera and lemon sanitizer it is very easy to use and leave your hand sanitized and fresh with a mild fragrance. It’s a natural disinfect gel which kills all the virus and other diseases.

Ingredients – Aloe vera Leaf Extract 2% Neem Leaf Extract 1.5% Calendula Flower Extract 1% Anantmool Roots Extract 1% Rama Tulsi(Holy Basil Extract) 1% Mulethi roots Extract 1% Lemon Peel Oil 0.5% Lemongrass Oil 0.2% Turmeric Roots 0.1 % 70 % Alcohol gel formulation

 Suitable  for all skin types

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