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Is colour popping really a need? Here’s decoding the home decor Trend


Home is the only place from where we start our morning and end our night. After the pandemic, working from home has made us cosier and more obsessed with our house. In this recent changing trend we all have become pickier towards colours and interiors of our house. We see several patterns, colours, wall paintings etc., to make our home look more dominating and bold. By the time the season changes or just in a quarter of a year, we tend to start thinking of changing the theme of our living room from a matte finish to soft yellow.


Colour Refreshes mood

When we are under stress, we think of different soothing things to make our mood relaxed and tense-free. Colours are the best way to change our mood because light colours make us feel rejuvenated and relaxed. For example, if you paint your bedroom with dazzling light green colour, with grasses and animal stickers, you will see the magic of nature. Imagine if it starts raining with you lying on your bed with this beautiful view in front of your eyes which might give you the feeling of being in the lap of nature.

Competitiveness creates creativity

In this fast-changing and competitive world, we have lost ourselves in competing with others. Sometimes this competition takes us to a new world of creation. We often see extraordinary things, modern paintings, stickers and many more things, and we crave to have them in our homes. But when it comes to buying that thing, we don’t buy that same thing because we want much better from that in our house, not for our-self but to show that we are far better. Creativity comes with your imagination. The more you imagine, the better you get.

Choices define your character

Your choices define your character, attitude, way of living, standard, and thinking. How you keep things in your house and create your house interior represents your mentality, which plays an important role in society because whenever a relative or guest enters your home, the first thing they notice is your house. If they feel comfortable, they will pass the word to other people, which will create a good and positive image in society. In the current situation, making your positive image is not an easy task.

Choose what makes you comfortable

The thing that matters the most is your comfort. Every single individual wants to have things sorted. Still, life never makes it happen, so why don’t we sort our house interior according to our comfort by choosing the best colour options and matching interiors. It will surely make you feel good when you sit on that couch having a cup of tea with a beautiful background that is worth satisfying. And most importantly, whenever you want, you can change your interior according to your mood, and we all know mood lights are the best way to make you feel good in any condition.

Raghunanadan Saraf, Founder and CEO-Saraf Furniture