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Introducing India’s First Skin Element’s Men’s Intimate Wash

Skin Element’s Men’s Intimate Wash

I am writing this mail on behalf of SKIN ELEMENTS- Skin Elements, a personal hygiene startup, was launched in 2016 which challenged the male beauty standards with their first-of-its-kind personal hygiene products. Skin Elements is a renowned label for men’s personal hygiene, odor management, female hygiene, skincare, hair removal, and sexual intimacy products

Skin Element’s Men’s Intimate Wash

Skin Element’s Men’s Intimate Wash

A first-of-its-kind intimate hygiene care product to be launched in India, this men’s intimate wash was an instant hit on the marketplaces such as the Amazon. With the goodness of tea tree oil, aloe vera, witch hazel, and calendula extracts, this product has been chosen as #1 choice among men for their personal care. It is believed to maintain the pH balance of the male intimate parts with a long-lasting freshness and fragrance. Since the product is SLS & Paraben free, its recommended to be used regularly.

While calendula and aloe vera extracts ensure the area remains sore-free and does not cause any burning sensation, Tea Tree Oil gives anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effects. The Witch Hazel has been added as a natural astringent. Specially curated for men, this intimate wash is the best premium yet affordable product.

Product information:

  • Available in pack of 120ml
  • Contains other natural ingredients
  • Pleasant scent

Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Aloe vera, Witch hazel, calendula extracts, passion fruit, menthol

How to use: 1. Spray water on the intimate area; 2. Squeeze out the product to form lather; 3. Gently spread and rub onto the skin; 4. Leave it on for 25 – 45 seconds; 4. Rinse with clean water and pat dry.

Claims: Soap-free, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, SLS free, Paraben free, 100% vegetarian

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