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India’s first SOFA in a BOX

Pelican Essentials-fashionandflick

Pelican Essentials, a fresh homegrown brand launches Palo Sofa, a sofa that comes in a box. Pelican wants you to rethink your traditional way of buying a sofa.

The cornerstone of the brand’s Palo Collection is the essential sofa reinvented for modern life. The first truly easy-to-move sofa thanks to our in-house mechanism design; it has plenty of room for three people.

Palo has a rugged powder coated steel frame, India’s first, that will last a lifetime, and comes with a 10-year warranty. This frame is designed in-house from ground up so that Palo Sofa can be flat packed and shipped anywhere across India fast and securely. This frame also helps to provide no tools assembly and it takes only 5 minutes and 1 person to assemble the whole sofa. So, the customers never have to worry about tools, nuts, bolts, etc, and most importantly the installation.  Other sofas in the market are made from MDF boards that need to be put together using nails.

Every part of the sofa has been reinvented and designed from scratch for longevity and modern life where pets and children bouncing on the couch is a norm. We are packaging everything into a modern and very aesthetic timeless design that could be the envy of neighbors for years to come.

Palo Sofa USP’s include

Assembly: Easy to unpack and assemble, easier to disassemble and pack. The no tools required process should take you about ten minutes or less.

Washable: Each fabric part of the Palo sofa can be removed and washed. Pelican is the only company in India offering such sofas

Replaceable parts:  One can replace one or many parts of the sofa and give it a brand-new look, or just add more life to our ageless sofas. Most of its parts are changeable or replaceable.

Palo’s legs, fabric, seats, everything is replaceable and the brand will continue launching new parts, new fabrics for your current sofa.

Range: Currently Palo has two designs for leg options, and planning to launch three more, 5 colors and 1 type of fabric option and planning to launch 2 new fabrics and a lot of colors

Warranty: The frame comes with a 10 years warranty and the cushions have a 5-year warranty. PE has the highest time period warranty when compared to its competitors

Transparent pricing: PE is the only company in India offering transparent pricing. They disclose all their costs from manufacturing to delivering, helping customers make an informed decision. They believe this is really important for online consumers since there is mistrust in online furniture buying

Price: INR 35000 Onwards