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If you are Born with Wings, Why prefer to Crawl through Life?

Sadia's Hyderabadi jewellery

Sadia is the perfect example to prove that your medical conditions cannot stop you from achieving anything.

She is a graduate in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University. While pursuing her Master’s, her marriage got fixed and she shifted to Hyderabad post marriage. Being a mother of twins and a housewife all her time used to get invested in house chores.


She met with an accident in which both of her ankles got fractured and the doctors declared that she won’t be able to walk again. Lying in bed all day long made her more anxious and she started losing interest in almost everything. Watching her in such a condition was very heart-shattering for her family, especially her husband. Therefore, he asked her to venture into the eCommerce business since that eliminates the need of being physically present.

Sadia’s relatives stated that there is a hype about Hyderabadi jewellery which she also realised after getting shifted to the city of Nizams. This prompted her to start an online jewellery business. The initial idea was to makeshift her psychological conditions.

Sadia started her journey as a reseller, at the beginning of her venture. She invested 12,000 INR and made a profit of 6000 INR in her first sale. Then she reinvested the earned amount to get the new stock. This is how her bootstrap startup started spreading its wings and it made Sadia more confident and independent.

Her success in the initial years was the gleam of hope that prevailed in the midst of the unbearable sorrow of not being able to walk again. Fortunately, after a few months, Sadia started manufacturing jewellery on her own. Hiring was also a key challenge for Sadia as finding experienced labour in a completely unknown city is an arduous task. Then, she decided to train needy women and employed them in her startup.

Sadia is still working towards encouraging women Entrepreneurs and providing skills to poverty-stricken women. Membership and exposure to MSME and its initiatives from Govt. Of India is a real boost to women like her.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein