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Huma Qureshi Spotted Wearing ZWAAN

Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureish is pouring out in the ZWAAN outfit the purple top wrapped around her neck to belly bottom with half sleeve’s the left side cloth going onto right to knot at right side the knot bands it’s going all the way deep down on the other hand the deeper neck you can’t make your mind off the top. the skirt it’s drapped like purple datura flower with slit
on the left side leg all i can say the skirt it can flatter on shirt and plain top’s. huma qureish letting the world to know that she living upto her life in the zwaan outfit and that’s cotton to rock the hell out in the summer

Huma Qureshi @ZWAAN

styled by: @who_where_what_when
the brand’s social media are:@zwaan.official
makeup artist: @krisann.figueiredo.mua
photography by:@anurag_kabburphotography

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