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His & Hers accessories by Eurumme

Since ages, jewellery has played an important role in defining the beauty of an Indian woman. Be it the traditional shingaar or the contemporary accessories, womankind has always been naturally associated with ornamentation. While women continue to flaunt their bejewelled selves, men’s fashion game has evolved in recent times.

With Eurumme introducing its latest range of accessories, which is a unique blend of classic, chic and contemporary, we put together top 5 accessorised looks for men and women, to dazzle every mood and occasion.

White and Gold Date Night Dazzle

On the left Divyak D’souza in Eurumme

Eurumme’s white and gold accessories enhance the style quotient, while extending a sense of royal allure with its blend of traditional and modern sensibilities. If, on the one hand, the men’s neckpiece exudes casual minimalism, the finger rings, on the other hand, add a funk to your look. The white and gold women’s neckpiece is packed with beaded intricacies, and reflect contrasting finesse and feminine grace. The gold earrings lend an extra boost to the look with their eye-catching appeal, making it perfect for a romantic date night.

Traditional Triumph with Statement Ear Cuffs

On the left Manish Mishra in Eurumme

Rock your traditional ensemble with these gold ear cuffs by Eurumme, which combine raw aesthetics and handcrafted excellence to bring a statement look. While it is hard to go wrong with gold accessories, the striking pattern along with the contemporary details make the ear cuffs a standout and every bit timeless.

Party Away with All Things Round and Radiant

On the left Pranay Jaitley & Shounak Amonkar in Eurumme

As you get ready to party and soak up the spirit of a new year, let Eurumme’s gold earrings and neckpiece make an impressionable impact with their oh-so striking appeal and unique designs. The men’s neckpiece sets the perfect tone for your party with its chic pattern and polished texture. The long, gold earrings lend elegance and extravaganza to your party spirit, with their statement vibe.

Of Celebrations and Wedding Showstoppers

On the left Manish Mishra in Eurumme

 While you revel in celebrations this wedding season, Eurumme’s brooch chain and oversized ear cuffs add a dash of exclusivity to your look. While the brooch chain comes with a regal effect, the gold ear cuffs add to the sophistication and exquisiteness of your attire with their design sensibilities and tasteful fashion rendezvous.

Flavours of Festive Fun

On the left Rij Eappen in Eurumme

Indulge your festive side with Eurumme’s wide range of rings for men and women. If the gold rings for women stay true to the beauty of a festivity with artistic details and a classic aura, the men’s rings strike a perfect balance between subtle and stylish, with their diverse styles and designing, to give an edge to your festive appeal.