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Daum available at Emery Studio launches Awe-Inspiring New Crystal Sculptures


New Delhi, January 2022: The legendary glassmaker, Daum is a crystal studio based in Nancy, France. They are known for its close relationship with the greatest artists of its time since its inception in 1878, as well as a brush with modern savoir-faire. Daum is the only commercial crystal manufacturer employing the pâte de verre (glass paste) process for art glass and crystal sculptures, a technique in which crushed glass is packed into a refractory mould and then fused in a kiln. This winter, Daum available at Emery Studio unveils spectacular new crystal sculptures.


Product Descriptions:
Adélie by Alain Choisnet
Adélie, the latest creation by sculptor Alain Choisnet, enchants us with her natural charm, her free and sensual attitude, her gentleness. Made in a mixture of different shades of amber, a warm and luminous color, she inspires calm and serenity. Alain Choisnet’s attraction to the natural elegance of women allows him today to evoke the refinement, cultivating feminine finesse and sensuality in each of his models. His sculptures exalt feminine beauty, immortalize a gesture, an attitude and plunge us into a particular emotion.

Douce Muse by Luo Li Rong
An obvious harmony emanates from Luo Li Rong’s latest sculpture, Douce Muse, a graceful musician. The works of Luo Li Rong are extremely delicate, the sculpture work is exceptional, as evidenced by the delicacy of the drapes and the hair in the wind of Douce Muse. Through the young flutist, the artist wishes to evoke soft music, and convey to the viewer a feeling of calm and confort. Douce Muse testifies to the know-how of Daum manufacturer, to its perfect mastery of the “lost wax” technique, a delicate process of casting and crystal melting, which allows the realization of exceptional shapes, large dimensions, and high level of details. The crystal paste, this unique material, brings a new emotion to this magnificent artwork. By its purity, the harmony of the lines, it brings to life the smallest
variations of light.

Galatéa by J.P Richard
Galatéa, by sculptor Jean-Philippe Richard, is recognizable by the strong mark of this artist who has collaborated with Daum since 2002, always through sculptures of slender women. The artist explores poetry and feminine delicacy, going beyond the constraints of reality, through long slender silhouettes.

In sublime shades of pink and purple, Galatéa is a large sculpture made of crystal paste, by the particular technique of lost-wax, a true know-how of the Daum crystal factory, which allows the creation of sculptures with meticulous details, and with a silky and luminous

“Pâte de cristal transcends the shape, contributing an air of mystery by avoiding a too-
figurative reading. It disturbs the reading of the shape – complicates it, even – and thus brings
the imaginary into play.” Jean-Philippe Richard

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