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Chaiops opened their first cafe in Mumbai


Maharashtra, 03rd March 2022; Chaiops is India’s most demanding café chain & has established 50+ cafés within a short period. Yesterday, they opened their first cafe in Mumbai. Chaiops aims to serve the delicious taste of Chai to their customers and bring a brewed cup of Chai to tea lovers across the nation. Chaiops is revolutionizing the way of consuming Chai across the globe. Founded by Mr. Satvir Singh & Mr. Nitin Tomar in 2019.  They both believe that India is one of the world’s largest consumers of tea & wanted to revolutionize the tea business-a healthy tea sip has to reach every household. 

Mr. Nitin Tomar, Co-Founder, says, “We have established 50+ Café in last one year, despite the pandemic for a year, now we aim to open 200+ café till march 2023. We are rapidly growing every month, currently we are opening 6 cafés every month but our target is to open 10 cafés monthly. Chaiops has entered the UAE and Bangladesh Market, we are also opening 5 cafés in these two countries & we target to expand Chaiops in 6 countries which is Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE Etc. Chaiops aims to target that in the coming 5 years every Indian authentic tea taste becomes an important part of every country’s people’s life”.

Chaiops serve real authentic tea taste to each consumer, while there are many brands in the market, the taste of tea is the same everywhere, whereas the taste of tea can be even more delicious and healthy if it is without filters and if the tea is not chemically tampered with the natural ingredients. 
Chaiops source premium quality tea from chai estates of India to offer their customers the best ever brews. The recipes for Chai are created after proper research. They offer a variety of Chai like Masala Tea, Chaiops Special Chai 20, Flower Tea, and other 50+ teas also Non-milk Tea, chocolate chai, and many more. Alongside Tea, they cater to a variety of snacks too, Burgers, Pizzas, Fries, Smoothies & a lot more.
They are available in 50+ cities, including, Dehradun, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Raipur, Gwalior, Ahmedabad & others.