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Blossoming by Kamar Alam at India Art Festival, Mumbai

Blossoming by Kamar Alam

Delhi’s renowned Artist Kamar Alam is part of a group show, “Beyond Borders” with at the India Art Festival, Mumbai Edit 2023.

Talking about his theme, Blossoming, Alam says, “ Thoughts are interconnected and infinite. They cross and transcend each other. Each positive thought is a journey in themselves and are carriers of our existence. I visualize myself within the infinite space and universe, created by my maker. We as beings are interconnected. I believe, one should hold onto the greatest and the purest of thoughts. These in turn initiates and influences our words and actions positively, giving out love, brotherhood, peace, and creating good Karma. The good Karma acts as your vehicle of enlightenment. This belief stands as the connection to everything around us, and spirituality, wisdom, knowledge, strength & positivity. This helps me to flow and blossom within while I also spread the seeds of love and goodness around…

The woman in my life holds vibrant energy, love and wisdom. The woman figure is an important part of my works. She symbolizes the strength and belief of my relationships, and a strong individual who has multi-dimensional qualities. My portrayals of women connote strength, motherliness, divinity & spirituality. It is also nature’s way of renewing and blossoming itself, again and again.

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