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A sight on the resort wears


Aakriti’s uber-chic swimwear – “Flirtatious”


Aakriti Grover, a designer from Istituto Marangoni, Milan got inspired by bright styles and breezy vibes and developed the brand “FLIRTATIOUS” in 2013. She developed an uber-chic swimwear brand which also holds the urban customer, who’s in making a seaside statement.

Flirtatious become a fashion trend that includes apparel designed for enjoying the life underwater and dive in, but are not limited to being worn at the beach or while diving. It focuses to feel as stylish wear, chic and enhance the contemporary trends in casual wear.

Flirtatious primes to love to dive in underwater. Life in the sea is amazing. It feels so good dive in the sea with many creatures. Uplifting colours, plush fabrics and cutting-edge silhouettes, Flirtatious adds an exquisite touch to the idea of affordable luxury.

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Archana Shah’s “NO BRAINER” fits all


The USP of Archana Shah label is that it is a no brainer which is fit for all kinds of body shapes. Its gearing up to shoot for a campaign that’s close to her heart which gives her a stunning look.

Different body shapes can be dressed up with this amazing attire, the amazing design gives a fabulous and chic look to all silhouettes with the use of various floral prints with a perfect colour combination fascinates the consumers of all body shapes as it fits all. The brand was trying to fulfil in the market was to make the client feel that they can explore various silhouettes irrespective of their body types.

All clients will get the desired outfit for their own body shapes, even a plus sized client will enjoy the attire with a very chic look which will make her feel the cheeriest.

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Vedika’s “chic & fun prêt couture”

Vedika M epitomizes chic and fun prêt couture. The outfit changed her life, with the hand printed hues and with the colour effect and enhanced herself such that she looks the fabulous with the attire.

Its quirky designs, captured in vibrant colours and the tints enhancing the hues, are perfectly tailored to give the consumers a comfortable yet memorable style statement.

The outfit can be worn as casual wear as well as ethnic as its mainly focused on the different hand printing done on it. The attire is well exhibiting the textile designing and the effort of the textile designer for the development of the same. Each garment is carefully hand-painted and block printed at its in-house textile unit.

It believes in a one-design-per-style philosophy, so the brand creates limited pieces of each style to ensure that your Vedika M attire is iconically yours!

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Radhika’s journey of “ARTS & PRINTS”


Prints by Radhika is defined as an art-inspired brand, launched in 2017. Her interest towards the art and prints are well enhanced in the outfit designed with have the very good revelation of art and prints which gives a way on the way to tradition.

Art is an expression of thought and this brand is an effort to experience an artistic journey. Radhika has a good artistic and creative hand of art and prints; the hard work is well expressed and will be appreciated too. All prints are original hand-painted artworks by Radhika Rawat.

The artwork is well exhibited showing their own identity and makes the outfit more beautiful and gives an ethnic look with some influence of indo western look. Each product, an artwork in itself has a story behind it, narrating tales of valuable gifts of nature and its elements.

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Sarika’s “PINK CITY”


Pink City reminds us the state “Rajasthan” – overflowing of traditional textiles designs. Pink City by Sarika is a luxury prêt label known for its effortless pieces with an inherent elegance that uses indigenous traditional craft techniques and innovative colour palettes.

The colours and embroidery play a dynamic role in the entire outfit which make it more attractive with the combination of bright and ethnic colours this outfit enhances the traditional designs and gives a impression of modern look.

The garments are a perfect amalgamation of ethnic silhouettes with modern-day sensibilities in bright, effervescent colours and intricate embroidery that is meticulously created with precision and skill, making every creation truly unique for the new age woman.

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Ridhi’s journey of “WESTERN – TRADITIONAL WEAR”


Ridhi Mehra’s eponymous label is a contemporary take on refined Indian dressing. Her interest of bringing the western wear to traditional world is a unique concept.

The high level of creativity and connection between the western and traditional wear is perfectly brought out to the creation with the assistance of the attire. Striking yet free-spirited, its ensembles bring western aesthetics to traditional wear while reinventing silhouettes and constantly pushing the boundaries of affordable luxury.

A lot of individuals will like the outfit as this is a bonding representative in between the western and tradition wear by means of clean lines, delicate details, and a hint of drama are Ridhi’s signature which has made the brand stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

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Gulabo Jaipur seeks inspiration from the colours, prints and craft techniques of Rajasthan. The typical of traditional designs are well-known in the national.

The art and crafts of the state has been an inspiration of the design Gulabo Jaipur which led the change of the old old-style designs into about western look and a way towards the sustainable fashion which helps the society find an ethnic and fabulous designs and shield to our environment as well. In its attempt to promote sustainable fashion and preserve the design and culture of the bygone era, the label uses apparel artisans and small producers to create a chic and classic representation of womanhood.

The outfit contains vibrant prints, with fine cuts or appealing silhouettes, the label redefines ethnic wear with a touch of creativity and elegance which attracts a lot of individuals to costume this inspired and sustainable get-up and take a step on the way to sustainable fashion.

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