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Anju Modi at AIFW AW’17 | Day 3

Anju Modi at AIFW AW’17

Unearthing some of the hidden treasures of our textile heritage, Anju Modi presents an architecture-inspired collection that channel in the core tenants of the label - TIMELESS, VINTAGE, HANDCRAFT, ORGANIC. Like the deep blue night sky, that makes the perfect backdrop for cosmic symphony, Neelambar poetically uses sona and rupa for

Ashima Leena at AIFW AW’17 | Day 3

Ashima Leena at AIFW AW’17

An opulent twist is conjured by interweaving motifs that adorn the architectural realms of Khiva in our Autumn - Winter 2017 collection, exhausting the influence of blue pottery and the vivid radiance of Shiva in his jatadhari edifice that comes to the fore in our visual ode to it - Charukesha. The palette descends rapidly through the iridescence of

Nikasha at AIFW AW’17 | Day 3

Nikasha at AIFW AW’17

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf- Rabindranath Tagore.” Concept Note - The collection's landscape is adorned by the chintz prints. It's a contextual representation of inspiration picked up from the Victorian era & coromandel prints by the designer. Silhouettes

PERO at AIFW AW’17 | Day 3


For fall-winter 2017, I decided to open my travel journals and re-visit all those places that I had travelled to and recorded/documented all my memories and everything that inspired me. Somehow I had forgotten the amount of joy that was enclosed in those journals. There was enough inspiration for this season and many more. I always find

Golden Threads Of Assam Presents Samant Chauhan

The show-Golden Threads of Assam

Creating a blend of age-old royal fabric-Mugs Silk and creative streaks of designer Samant Chauhan, Golden Threads of Assam presents its first look at the Amazon India Fashion Week 2017. The show-Golden Threads of Assam is first of its kind off-site show, enlivened at The National Rail Museum a journey through