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Nishankh Sainani Rolls Out Lets Talk Fashion

Nishankh Sainani
Nishankh Sainani who is the face behind many designers that we see on the runway, be it Lakme fashion week or FDCI India Fashion Week along with many other fashion weeks pan India. He is the one who consults the designer’s what’s Best for the runway and what designs will commercially work.
Hailing from a small town in Nagpur now he has made his name in Mumbai and based in Mumbai. Nishankh is a fashion stylist, design curator, and runs his own Company Let’s Talk Fashion. His motto is to consults Brands and designers and style their designs which will help them to grow their business. We recently spoke to him about his work and this is what he had to say.
Tell us something about yourself.
I am a Fashion Stylist, Design Consultant and founder of LETS TALK FASHION. I garnered a bachelor’s degree in Bsc Fashion Design and technology from Hamstech College of Fashion Hyderabad along with Masters Diploma in Fashion Psychology and Styling from London University
What things made you take a design curator as a profession?
I have always realized that I can do great edits and put things together and make them look very good. I could compile and assemble a lot of things and create a great lookout of it. Eventually, through my career, I got to know what’s best for the market according to my work experience. Hence, I decided to become a Design consultant.
What’s Lets Talk Fashion all about?
Let’s Talk Fashion is our new venture, where we help designers to grow their label and help them to position themselves in the fashion market. We have created this platform for designers to grow as a label or a brand. We provide services in Fashion Styling, content creation, lookbook, photoshoots, fashion week showcases, digital articles, celebrity styling, design consultancy, social media, store plug-ins, and more. LETS TALK FASHION is the go-to place for designers for end to end fashion services.
Tell us about your work routine before the lockdown phase and now?
My work routine before the lockdown was a lot of hassle work. It was mostly about being physically available for all the shows. I used to travel for a lot of shows. After lockdown, everything is happening online in terms of teaching, design consulting, store plug-ins. Now we are also the official buyers for a multi-designer store named Gotraa Indore. So all the deals are happening virtually as of now.
How this global pandemic thing will affect the fashion industry? What are the new avenues that might open?
This pandemic has affected a lot of industries including the fashion industry because of its luxury business. It has hit the industry badly. What I feel is that since things are happening online, the market will pick up slowly but people need to be more creative and more commercial now, where they have to create something reusable, recyclable i.e. sustainable. So we have to slow down the industry for good and focus on something in which we can put value. New avenues for me after lockdown is teaching. I have started associating with a lot of colleges and stores so that’s the new aspect which has covered up for my entire physical work for fashion weeks or travel trips for designers for that matter.
We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.
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