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Makeup Trips for the summer by Celebrity Makeup Artist Agrika Kalra

Agrika Kalra

If you are also fed-up of scorching heat and messed up makeup, you are probably going over the top with your skills and you need to tone it down. Here is your best makeup guide that will keep you picture-perfect ready and fresh. Experts believe that summer makeup is all about being minimal and keeping it light with these tips that are tried and tested. Have a look and get going.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and wet wipes in your bag

Summer season calls for extra skin care and the best solution that is lying in our vanity is a sunscreen lotion. It protects the skin by absorbing and reflecting both UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, it’s a must to carry one with a good Sun Protection Factor (SPF) strength. SPF indicates the amount of sunburn protection the product can offer. It is recommended to opt for a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or above to minimise skin damage. While going out in the sun, make sure to carry the sunscreen for a happier skin. Along with this, keep the wet wipes handy. Sweaty skin attracts dirt and pollution. Using wet wipes can easily remove all of those pollutants and the bonus is that it also makes your face look fresh in no time.

Use vibrant colour for eye makeup

If you had been investing in smoky eyes all through the winters, it’s time to go vibrant and use a pop of colours. Besides looking summery, the bright colours brighten the face and add a natural glow. To make the best of it, a punchy blush on the apples of the cheeks is a good place to highlight.

Sun-kissed look

The sun-kissed makeup is all about dewy skin. For this, all you need to have is the perfect orange dewy finish on your face, especially on the apples of your cheeks. For this, you also need to have cat eyes, make sure they are not very dramatic. Once done, you can finish with some golden highlighter on the inner corners; you can also use golden eyeliner. Just keep the golden shade subtle in your makeup.

Vintage Madonna look

Madonna look is all about dual-texture hair, pared-back topped with minimal makeup. To start with, use a moisturizer on your face and the neck, which helps keep the look long-lasting. To achieve a flawless look, you would need a reputed foundation, which would spread across the face, the lids and the neck, evenly. After foundation, go ahead with a translucent powder across the facial surface. Also, keep in mind to achieve the porcelain look, for which you need to use tones that is one or two shades lighter than that of the face.

Apply waterproof version of your makeup

As the name suggests, this makeup sticks to the skin, and it is important that you apply it properly without mistakes. While removing the makeup, do not rub as it will damage the skin. It is suggested to use a makeup remover. To start with, apply a moisturizer as the remover makes the skin dry and rob you of your moisture. It is best that you don’t use more than one or two waterproof products at one time. Use of waterproof eye colour like eyeliner and mascara, helps you bid goodbye to smudge and your make up will not run. An alternative to waterproof lipstick is lip gloss and stains. The gloss will remain if you don’t rub it forcefully.

Hassle-free makeup spray

In general, makeup setting sprays work well on all skin types. Using spray keeps skin matte. This spray will keep you picture ready. This also helps in keeping skin hydrated. It also intensifies your chosen foundation finish. Makeup setting sprays are not only for mattifying, they can also add to that dewy glow or help your makeup stay put while staying completely invisible. The best part of the spray is prolonging makeup’s staying power. If you are off to the gym or you plan to dance the night away, the extra hard working setting spray will be your best friend.

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