The Equiceles Collection 2020

The Equiceles Collection 2020 by Surbhi Pansari

Luxe menswear designer Surbhi Pansari is all set to welcome the Spring season with her new collection ‘THE EQUICELES COLLECTION 2020’ A synchronism of sartorial artistry and

Masks For The Brides & Baraatis

KALKI Fashion Introduces Hand-Embroidered Wedding Masks For The Brides & Baraatis

With the masks making their official way into bridal fashion, the high-end bridal designer, KALKI Fashion has jumped on the face mask "trend," giving brides


Adidas and McDonald’s launch the “SAUCE PACK” collection in India

Mumbai, 9th July 2020: With a modern and unexpected interpretation that stays true to each brand’s heritage, adidas and McDonald’s have added some exciting flavour

Sweta Rai

Hollywood film producer of Indian Origin shoots A Covid – 19 documentary on Indian doctors under lockdown

Mumbai, 20th June 2020: As the film shoots are about to resume, Sweta Rai, an Indian filmmaker in Hollywood, has shot a feature-length documentary film “A Pandemic: Away