Sarah & Sandeep Collections

Sarah & Sandeep launch their first ever multi-utility sleepwear drop ‘SOPOR’

With the festive-wear category on hiatus, independent high-end fashion brands from India have been making the move towards ‘essentials’ and ‘work-from-home’ apparel to generate some

The Equiceles Collection 2020

The Equiceles Collection 2020 by Surbhi Pansari

Luxe menswear designer Surbhi Pansari is all set to welcome the Spring season with her new collection ‘THE EQUICELES COLLECTION 2020’ A synchronism of sartorial artistry and


bbrave Kicks Off

bbrave Kicks Off with A New Campaign – “What’s holding you back”

Fashion apparel brand bbrave has launched its first campaign ‘What’s holding you back’ to urge people to be open and courageous about their beliefs and convert them into

Adidas and McDonald’s launch the “SAUCE PACK” collection in India

Mumbai, 9th July 2020: With a modern and unexpected interpretation that stays true to each brand’s heritage, adidas and McDonald’s have added some exciting flavour